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Lift Response Rates 23-46% with our Omnichannel Marketing Platform for as Low as $.05 Per Piece

SynergyMail makes direct mail the most effective form of advertising by integrating it with cutting-edge digital marketing technology.


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13 Technologies: 4 Bundled Platforms to Choose From


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Quick & Easy Setup

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work, how can you achieve that lift?

I’m already doing some of these things, why would I need to do this with you?

I don’t want to work with multiple vendors, why does this make sense?

I have strict privacy concerns, is this safe?

How much does it cost?

Do you provide the mailing list and creative?

What do I need to in order to allow your team to execute digital campaigns on our behalf?

Is there a guarantee?

Do I have to mail or can I run your platform on a records list?