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Meet the Team

The Integra Crew

We started Integra to give clients the highest-possible printing quality, superior service and lightning-fast turnaround – all without a single piece of printing equipment on site.

Our team has over 75 years of combined experienced in the print industry and an extensive network of print partners. Our knowledge and strong vendor relationships enable us to leverage our buying power and get the best results for our clients in terms of quality, cost and schedules.

Besides our expertise in print management, we also dedicate our time and attention to helping companies bring all of their marketing efforts – print and online – together to build stronger brands and grow their businesses.

At Integra, we believe the most effective partnerships are those that stand the test of time. That’s why we work hard to be a trusted advisor rather than just someone you do business with.


Our Team Members

Tim McClellan

Vice President

Kerry Lodish

President, Founder

Dave Kunkle

Senior Sales Rep

Tracey Mearig

Lead Project Manager

Tanner Lodish

Operations Director / Sales

Larry Hess

Sales Rep, Founder

Vora Ober

Accounting Manager

Sierra Lodish

Accounting Specialist

Mark Sell

Independent Business Development Service

Jeff Bueker

Independent Business Development Rep

Thinking About Working With Us?

Your Project in Integra's Hands

Click below to learn more about what it's like to work on a project with us. We'll share our values, the way we tackle orders of every scope and what you can expect when you put your print, promo, signage or mail projects into the hands of an Integra expert.

Perhaps more importantly, you can find out who we make the best fit for, and whether you fall into that category. Above all else, we're print enthusiasts who love to see print projects go smoothly and turn out just right — even if that means we're not the right fit!