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What Is It Like to Get Print Work Done by Integra Graphics Synergy?

August 22nd, 2023 | 9 min read

By Alaina Richardson

So you’ve looked at business models and decided it’s time for your business to work with a print management company that will understand your needs and coordinate your print requests. A print broker can effectively become a branch of your business with the sole focus of getting your print jobs done on time, within budget and at the highest possible quality, but that’s quite a lot of trust to put into a business that’s not your own.

If you’ve come this far looking for a print broker for your needs, then you probably already know the benefits of working with a print broker. Now, as you make your selection, you’re potentially asking yourself what Integra Graphics Synergy is like to work with and whether they could be the right print management business for you. How can they make your life easier, and why would you want to choose their services?

Well, given that we are Integra Graphics Synergy, we tend to be a bit biased on the quality of our services. We’ve been in business since 2005, and we’ve learned a few crucial lessons in our time. Not least among them is that not everyone is a good fit for us as a customer. As a result, as much as we like us, it’s in our best interest to help you figure out whether or not you like the sounds of working with us.

Below, you’ll learn the good, the bad and the ugly of working with Integra as your print management specialists. We’ll cover our values, whether you’ll get the best price point with us, how quick you can expect your project turnaround to be and the amount of control you’ll have over each job.

This blog post should give you a comprehensive picture of working with Integra, both day-to-day and longer term. And if you like what you read, you’ll know where to find us!

Will Integra Graphics Synergy Get Me the Best Print Price?

The short answer: Usually, but not always.

Our commitment goes beyond just securing the lowest possible price. We focus on delivering exceptional value by harmonizing quality, timeline and cost according to each customer’s unique needs for each particular job. We understand that every print project demands more than cost-effectiveness — it requires superior quality, timely delivery and financial feasibility.

But here’s where our answer of “usually” comes in. Leveraging our expansive network of top-tier print providers, we're often able to secure some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Our long-standing relationships will allow us to negotiate on your behalf, ensuring we can explore various options to find the best fit for your project. While we don't always promise the lowest price, we always strive to deliver the best value.

Will Integra Offer Price Matching If I Get a Lower Quote Elsewhere?

At Integra, we do not price match in the traditional sense, because we place value on both timeline and quality alongside price. We do, however, offer:

  • Creative cost reduction options: We can be scrappy when we go to bat for our customers. If you’re looking to slim down your expenses, we can provide a range of cost-saving solutions that will get your quote closer to or below the one you present us with. Even in the absence of another quote, if you need to try to reduce your overall spend, we’ll present as many options as we can think of to help lower your print costs.

  • Quote breakdowns and comparisons: Any member of our team will be happy to sit down with you to look over the details of our quote alongside quotes from other companies. If we can find where the breakdown differs, we’ll explain. For instance, some companies do not include shipping costs in their estimates. Others allow greater fluctuation between the estimate and the invoice. At Integra, once you sign your quote, we’ll do what we can to keep the price where we’ve listed it.

  • Transparency on shipping: Nobody wants to deal with hidden fees, so we do our best to keep all pricing information upfront from the start. With shipping, doing so can get a little tricky, but we still stay as close to a predictable standard as possible. If your shipping is local or predetermined, it’ll be included in your overall price. In some situations where variability could come into play, we’ll list it as a separate line item so you’ll see where any price fluctuations occur. Finally, if you’re not sure during the quote signing where you’ll need your project shipped, you can expect it as an additional price at invoicing. We’ll communicate as clearly and thoroughly as possible as we determine shipping costs throughout your project.

Can Integra Offer a Quick Turnaround on a Print Project?

We understand that, in business, unexpected situations can arise that require swift action and solutions. At Integra Graphics Synergy, we're equipped to handle these emergencies thanks to our extensive network of top-quality print providers.

Our capacity to fulfill shorter notice requests sets us apart in the print brokerage industry. We take pride in our ability to deliver on schedule, helping you maintain your pace in a competitive business landscape. With our broad network, we can quickly match your urgent projects with printers that have immediate capacity, ensuring your needs are met promptly without any compromise on quality.

Bear in mind that to ensure the best results, more lead time is always beneficial. With more time, we can thoroughly explore all available options and leverage our relationships to secure the most cost-effective and high-quality solutions for your needs. More lead time also allows for careful planning and execution to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in a challenging situation needing something quickly, you can count on Integra Graphics Synergy. We stand ready to assist and use our extensive resources to turn a potential crisis into a seamlessly executed project.

How Much Say Will You Have in the Final Product When You Work With a Print Management Business Like Integra?

The short answer: As little or as much as you want.

We consider our clients to be active partners in the entire print process, from conception to fulfillment. Successful print management is all about a collaborative effort, which means your vision, requirements and feedback will form the foundation of the final project. That being said, if you’d prefer to kick back and let us do the majority of the planning, communicating, coordinating and executing, that’s what we’re here for!

Some of our clients come to us with a general idea for what they want. Many also come to us with very little planning in place. Whether you call us with a full mockup or know only that you have an upcoming event to prepare for, we’ll meet you where you are, offering solutions that most closely match your vision, then building upon those features until we have a plan and a quote in place. You can offer as much or as little feedback as you like along the way, and once you receive your samples, you’ll be able to weigh in on the quality and request any changes you might need.

In essence, when you’re working with Integra Graphics Synergy, you can be confident that you're in control of your project. Our role is to guide, advise and facilitate the realization of your vision with our expertise and resources.

Could My Print Request Ever Be Turned Down by Integra Based on Its Content?

Yes. We don’t accept every project, and those decisions are not based solely on feasibility and logistics. We also pay close attention to the type of work we’re facilitating, and we reserve the right to turn down a print job based on the content of your imagery or messaging. If you’re hoping to get something explicit printed, for instance, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

We make these decisions on a case-by-case basis, but we will always be willing to discuss our choices and provide answers to your questions.

Why Have We Chosen Print Brokerage Over Direct Printing?

The staff members at Integra Graphics Synergy each come from a long, storied history in the print industry. Most of us have worked at printing companies and spent time manning printing press equipment over the years. Each one of us has gone on tours of various plants, and we can certainly geek out with the best of them about graphics communications and seeing the equipment in action. But then, why did we go with brokerage over direct printing?

It’s all about what we can do for you, our customer, by taking up the print distribution model.

To us, working as a print broker means working to establish relationships with the brick-and-mortar companies that do keep their equipment on-site so that we’re ready to call on those relationships to make sure we strike the perfect balance of quality, speed and affordability in your projects. The printers we work with can stay specialized in hyper-specific processes and methods so that you have access to these services done right and without limitations.

The “This or That” Routine Skipped With Print Management

Working without a print management company has led many of our customers — before they were our customers — to fall prey to the “this or that” business model. A brick-and-mortar business must generally stay within the boundaries of their limited on-site equipment and schedules. We’re able to work around those limitations by accessing equipment all over the country and coordinating the details for you.

The top benefit you’ll stand to gain: Stress management. If you need “this,” we’ll get it from the best vendor. When you need “that,” we’ll have you covered then too.

This either/or concept highlights one of the top reasons print management isn’t for everyone and may not benefit every business. If you tend to stick to one particular type of printing (postcards, t-shirts, business cards, window signs) and don’t stray or intend to stray much from that product, you won’t see as much benefit from print management specialists. We’d still be happy to help where we can, but you wouldn’t need coordination between different types of printed products, which means you could work directly with a single printer in most cases.

If you still think working with us might be the way to go, you’re probably wondering how we act. What can you expect when you call or email us?

The Integra Way: 7 Principles That Guide Our Interactions

At Integra Graphics Synergy, we live by seven principles that we refer to as “The Integra Way.” Each facet of this system guides our interactions with prospects, new customers, repeat customers, printers and our own teammates. Here’s what each tenet means to us, and more importantly, what it will mean for you.

Integra Way_low

1. Responsive

Maybe you’ve been in the position of waiting for a quote or not having your questions answered at all when it came to previous print jobs. We know how frustrating that can be, especially within time-sensitive project parameters. That’s why, even if we don’t have an answer to your inquiry, you can expect a response within one single hour anytime you reach out during business hours. If we’re unsure, we’ll let you know we’re working on it, then get an answer to you within 24 hours max.

2. Creative

Because we’re a print broker, we’re able to do more with less. We aren’t restricted to whatever equipment happens to be up and running in our own headquarters, which means you won’t be restricted either. Instead, you’ll have a massive network of print companies at your fingertips with a single touchpoint — Integra.

3. Pleasant

You won’t be talking to a robot when you reach out to Integra, but we won’t overload you either. In fact, you should feel free to let us know right away if you don’t understand something we’re telling you, or if you already have experience with the topic. We work hard at layman’s terms and simple explanations, because we know our customers don’t always have the time or desire to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

And if you do have the time and interest? All the better — we’ll teach you every last buzzword!

4. Proactive

We keep a careful finger on the pulse of the print industry, staying aware of what our print partners can and cannot do and how much those services might cost. If there’s a supply shortage, we’re going to know about it. If there are cost-saving opportunities within your project that don’t require quality or timeline sacrifices, we’ll be informing you of your options right away.

5. Thoughtful

When we choose to take a company on as a client, it’s because we believe in their business, support their mission and genuinely feel that our services could bolster their efforts. If we’re working with you, we’re interested in your growth and success, ready to celebrate your highs and prepared to help you through your lows. Impacting lives is the reason we’re in this business, so in other words, you’ll be much more than just another customer to us.

6. Collaborative

Within our own teams at Integra Graphics Synergy, we’re collaborative. We love working with people and their passions, and your project will mean more to us than just what it means for our own bottom dollar. Collaboration is the name of the game in our business. We’ll work together with you to learn exactly what it is you need, with our print partners to find exactly the right place to meet those needs and within our own team to ensure smooth, streamlined execution and fulfillment.

7. Resourceful

This tenet goes hand-in-hand with our creativity: What you dream up, we can make happen. If something goes wrong, we’ll take care of it. When your great ideas require execution, you’ll have a team of Integra print specialists by your side. Behind those print specialists will be the several dozen print businesses we partner with to get the work done right.

And behind them? Warehouses filled with specialized print equipment, professionals with niche experience in every facet of their particular focus and many, many supplies. All you’ll need to do is reach out with your needs, then let us coordinate!

Is Integra Graphics Synergy the Best Print Broker for Me?

You may have come to this page without much of an idea of what to expect from Integra. You wouldn’t want to make a decision as big as which print management company to work with if you were coming in blind, and that’s just smart business. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what makes us tick and whether or not our Integra Way aligns with your goals.

If you think Integra Graphics Synergy is the right print broker for your needs, reach out to a specialist today to start discussing your next project!